Outdoor Showers

OUTDOOR SHOWERS (We agree; it is one of the joys of summer)

With almost 99% of showers taking place “en plein air” during our summer season, virtually none of them are run through a septic system, and so they contribute substantially to groundwater pollution which flows directly into our sandy soil where it quickly reaches the water table.

The best recommendation at this point is to use (as best one can) shampoos and soaps that are made from 100% natural ingredients containing no dyes, perfumes, or “enhancers for shine.”

As of now, there is no universal label or agreement on what makes certain shampoos or soaps “green” or environmentally safe.  Most of these products  are benignly labeled that they are “not tested on animals,” “use recycled  bottles” and are “healthy for your hair.” Superb stuff to be sure, but not necessarily great for the environment.

2. Use the least amount of soap and shampoo and limit the use of conditioners. Possibly think of the outdoor shower as “rinsing the salt and sand off your body” as opposed to a deep cleaning experience that one might have in a city.

3. Do not dye your hair or perform other major hair-related activities (straighteners and bleaching) while at Fire Island.