Decks and Outdoor Furniture

While power washing your deck or outdoor furniture seems like a rite of spring to many Fire Island households, Harsh chemicals that are designed for industrial use are not appropriate for our sandy soil and groundwater.

Never use bleach or harsh cleaners.

Look for natural solutions which are commonly available at most hardware stores. (Spend the time and look at the labels — They will say whether they are biodegradable, and if they don’t specify, assume that you should not use them.)

Avoid cleaning your deck and furniture before, or right after, a rain event. Allow a few hours, to a full day, for the ground’s natural ability to soak up the water.


Do not use, or at least use sparingly, fertilizers or pesticides on Fire Island. If not applied correctly, these chemicals can leech directed into the groundwater, and then into the bay. (ALSO, do not use any of these products before or after a major rain event because they will run directly into the groundwater and then into the bay.

Consider composting your yard clippings and kitchen scraps and use that compost around your property instead of chemical fertilizers.