About Fire Island Green

Fire Island Green (FIG) is a collaborative consumer-facing initiative, undertaken in partnership with the Fire Island Association (FIA).

Our primary goal is to equip individuals with straightforward and actionable guidelines to tackle the pressing challenges confronting Fire Island. Specifically, we’re addressing the escalating degradation of our local groundwater and the alarming proliferation of toxic red and brown tides, both of which pose significant threats to the delicate aquatic ecosystem of the Great South Bay.

Through FIG, we strive to provide easily accessible information and practical steps that empower residents and visitors alike to make informed choices that mitigate these environmental threats. By fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and collective action, we aim to safeguard the natural beauty and ecological balance of Fire Island for generations to come.

Contact us at fireislandgreen@gmail.com

A downloadable flyer with this information is available here.

Please print it and share with your visitors and renters.