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Fire Island, with all its beauty and charm, is a delicate barrier beach island facing increasing pollution from various sources, leading to degradation of our groundwater, environment, and the Great South Bay.
While long-term solutions are being explored, each of us can play a vital role in preserving Fire Island’s distinct ecological balance.

Septic System

Your septic system contains a collection of living organisms that digest and treat household waste. Pouring the wrong things down your drain can kill these organisms and make the system less effective.


Some of the detergents we use in our washing machines and dishwashers make a very big difference in the amount of harmful ingredients released and high nitrogen loads in the our groundwater.

Outdoor Showers

With almost 99% of showers taking place “en plein air” during our summer season, virtually none of them are run through a septic system, and so they contribute substantially to groundwater pollution

Power Washing

While powerwashig your deck or outdoor furniture seems like a rite of spring to many Fire Island households, Harsh chemicals that are designed for industrial use are not appropriate for our sandy soil and groundwater.

Let’s Promote Dark Sky Lighting on FIRE ISLAND

Beyond our beautiful beaches, the night sky, with minimal artificial light, is a precious resource that needs to be protected and cherished.
Dark sky lighting reduces skyglow, preserving the visibility of stars and celestial bodies. This restoration offers significant cultural, educational, and aesthetic benefits for stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts alike.
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