Dark Sky Guidelines

Dark Sky Lighting aims to minimize light pollution by using outdoor lighting that directs light downward only, reducing glare,  skyglow, and light trespass.

If you are replacing or retrofitting your outside lights, please look for Dark Sky compliant fixtures are typically shielded or fully cut-off, meaning they emit light in a controlled manner that prevents excess light from spilling upwards or outwards.

Here are The Five Dark Sky Guidelines

Purposeful Lighting: Use light only if it is needed.

Light should serve a clear and necessary purpose, such as illuminating entryways and pathways for safety. If certain lights are not needed, they should be removed or disabled

Target Lighting to only where it’s needed.

Ensure that light falls only where it is needed by directing it downward and targeting fixtures to prevent light from spilling beyond the intended area. Be considerate of your neighbors 

Proper shielding or re-orienting may be necessary to prevent light from extending into the sky or onto neighboring properties.

Low Level.

Use the lowest lighting level necessary for the task. Light levels are measured in lumens; select the lowest lumens possible to reduce glare and improve visibility. If lighting is too bright for its intended purpose, consider using a bulb with lower lumens or a new fixture.

Warm Colored Lights.

Opt for lightbulbs with low Kelvin ratings (3000 Kelvin or less) to emit warmer light, which generally contains less harmful blue light. For home lighting, bulbs with a rating of 2700 Kelvin or less are recommended.


Outdoor lighting should be used only when needed. Motion sensors should be set to activate for short durations (five minutes or less). Dusk-to-dawn sensors are unecessary as they emit light when it is not needed . Make sure sensor triggers are set to light areas only when people are present.

A few of our communities (Saltaire) already have a dark sky ordinances in place.  We would like to extend that policy and spirit to the entire Island.

More information can be had at DarkSky International